“Here at Artystar we produce all manor of fine regalia, emblazoned and adorned with a plethora of texts and pictoral images...”

“– err yeah ok, I get it, you do printing on clothes, right?”


Artystar Custom Printed Clothing

It's amazing how so many of us wear tee shirts and tops that advertise a company's cool brand, wouldn't it be better if you had your message and your brand rather than someone elses?
Be original!!
Get a tee shirt printed with your message to the world!
But seriously, if you want a quote on a one-off tee shirt with your pet's name on it, or a batch of running tops for a charity event, give me a call, and I'll be glad to help you communicate your message!
Viva la revolution!
Oh, and just one more thing, the website is a work in progress. Be sure to come back in a few weeks to see how its going.

Thanks - Chris.